In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation has one Managing Director and four basic units in place.

Directorate General

Fidel Rodríguez Batalla has led the management of the Foundation since September 2015.

Oficina de Transferencia de Resultados de la Investigación (OTRI) (Research Results Transfer Office)

The OTRI aims to promote and manage research, support technological and innovation development (I+D+i), and strengthen the relationships that the university maintains with its surroundings (companies, institutions and society as a whole), in line with article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities.

Long Life Learning and Cultural Events Unit

The main functions of this unit are to promote, assess and provide logistic support to Long Life Learning programmes, the training and internships of students working in companies and managing the “La Cristalera” Residence, as well as financial management of centres, residences and cultural events.

HR, Quality and Technical Secretariat Unit

The basic aims of this unit is to manage the organization, human resources, employee relationships, health and safety, and the planning, development and monitoring of the quality system and legal matters.

Economics and IT Unit

The basic functions of this unit are to manage the finances of Long Life Learning programmes and Research Projects managed by the FUAM, as well as the supervision and planning of the Foundation’s IT.

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