In-Company Training

One of the tasks assigned to the Foundation by the UAM is the promotion, diffusion and transfer of the UAM Training Programmes, adapted to the specific needs of each organization with a view to improving the productivity of its employees. This type of training allows the University to revert the knowledge it generates to society.

A rigorous selection process is undertaken for each programme to choose the team of teachers that is most suited to the task at hand from the wide range available at the University, which has been awarded the title of UAM / CSIC Campus of International Excellence. This allows us to offer training programmes in almost any subject and issue certificates and/or diplomas guaranteed by the UAM Further Training Centre.

Some of the courses that the university has already arranged include those given to companies such as Accenture, Mapfre and FNAC via the Carlos V International Centre and the UAM Institute of Forensic Sciences and Security (ICFS in its Spanish initials). Through a multi-channel system, we offer our clients a wide range of educational tools (group training, practical workshops, individual tutorials, supervised online training, skill-development kits, video-tutorials, etc.). In this way, the success of our programmes is guaranteed and long-lasting relationships of trust are generated between businesses and the University.

Contact details: Joana Modolell

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