Cátedras de Patrocinio

One of the innovative ways in which the University collaborates with society is through its “Cátedras de Patrocinio”. Through these “Cátedra”s, the University, together with (an)other company(s) or institution(s), develops teaching and research activities within a specific field. The duration of the programmes is sufficient enough to allow for team building and for participants to make considerable progress in the area of study.

The “Cátedras de Patrocinio” are set up according to the following procedure:

1. The “Cátedra” idea is identified and contact is made with companies/institutions that may be interested in collaborating and the Fundación de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM Foundation – FUAM).

2. The FUAM draws up a team of leading experts from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid that is well-suited to the field chosen for the “Cátedra”.

3. The “Cátedra” content is agreed upon.

4. The necessary legal procedures are initiated at the UAM: Departmental approval, Faculty approval and Government Council approval.

5. A Framework Agreement and Specific Agreement is signed with the UAM’s Rector at a public meeting.

The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is amongst the top three universities in Spain for its “Cátedras de Patrocinio”. At present, various “Cátedras” take place at the university and others are in the process of being created.

The UAM’s “Cátedras de Patrocinio” cover a wide range of fields of study, from the most innovative branches of medicine and healthcare, economics and real estate, to the study of the environment, biopsychology and disabilities.

Contact details for more information: Iván Manzanares.


“Cátedra”s currently running:

UAM – Accenture “Cátedra” on Economics and Innovation Management

UAM – AMGEN “Cátedra” on Medical Oncology and Palliative Medicine

UAM – Asisa “Cátedra” on Healthcare Management and the Economics of Health

UAM – Auditores Madrid “Cátedra” on Corporate Financial Information

UAM – Bioibérica “Cátedra” on Chronic Inflammation and Cytoprotection

UAM – Biomet 3i “Cátedra” on Biomaterials in Surgery

UAM – Ercros “Cátedra” on Research in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

UAM – EVERIS “Cátedra” on Ventures in Information Technology

UAM – FUDEN “Cátedra” on Research in Nursing

UAM – Fundación Abbott “Cátedra” on Critical Care Medicine

UAM – Fundación Jiménez Díaz “Cátedra” on Genomic Medicine

UAM – Fundación Lair “Cátedra” on Systematic Illnesses with an immunological cause

UAM – Fundación Prodis  “Cátedra” on the Social and Occupational Integration of Disabled Persons

UAM –  Hospital Los Madroños “Cátedra” on Research and Teaching in Brain Damage and Spinal Cord Injury

UAM – IBM “Cátedra” on Large Computing Systems and Supercomputing

UAM- IIC “Cátedra” on de Automatic Learning in Modelling and Prediction

UAM- IIC “Cátedra” in Psychometric Models and Applications

UAM – MAPFRE “José Manuel Martínez” “Cátedra” on Research and Training in Insurance

UAM – Mundipharma “Cátedra” on Antineoplastic Chemotherapy in Patients with Cancer

UAM – Novartis “Cátedra” on Family Medicine and Primary Care

UAM – Novartis “Cátedra” on Clinical Neuroscience

UAM – Pfizer “Cátedra” on Medical Theory

UAM – Pfizer Psoriasis “Cátedra” on Teaching and Research on Psoriasis

UAM – Roche “Cátedra” on Organ and Skin Transplants

UAM- S21sec “Cátedra” on Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence

UAM – Sanofi Aventis “Cátedra” on Epidemiology and Controlling Vascular Risk

UAM – Telefónica “Cátedra” on Biometric Recognition Technology

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