Promoting Innovation

The aim of the FUAM Promotion of Technology and Knowledge section is to promote, divulge and transfer the knowledge, training and research that take part at the UAM to Society, improving processes, propelling new activities and connecting the university to its environment.

Our OTRI employs staff that is highly trained to deal with research areas and technological development of interest for companies and institutions within our society, which in turn undoubtedly benefit.

The FUAM is always here to help, both when it comes to consultancy and receiving proposals for collaboration, so that together we can find solutions adapted to the needs of your business or institution.

University-Business Collaboration

Through collaboration projects, university staff can focus (and finance) their research activities and adapt the education of their graduates to the needs of the market. On the other hand, companies can increase their technological capacity by taking advantage of the research resources available at university institutions.

  • The main advantages of University-Business Collaboration for businesses are as follows:
  • Collaborating with universities is the best way to source and employ researchers.
  • The basic research that takes place at universities complements the applied research that takes place in businesses.
  • Collaborating with universities allows businesses to use specialized teams and scientific tools at a reduced cost.
  • Working on collaboration projects gives researchers in the business experience when it comes to managing projects.
  • Collaborating with universities allows businesses to keep up-to-date with international developments in science.

Support to the Transfer of Technology and Knowledge

Undertaking projects focused on technological development and applied research commissioned by companies complements and provides comparisons with the basic research carried out by universities.

Through the transfer of technology and knowledge, important synergies arise that strengthen the innovation process and heighten the levels of competitiveness of businesses and universities alike. This phenomenon is recognized by universities who give increasing importance to the research that takes place at the university. The university itself also understands the importance of this transfer since it needs the resources it receives from industry for the necessary and continual modernization of its laboratories and for the satisfaction of its people.

Seeking Finance for Research, Development and Innovation Activities

It is here that our main duty lies since we are in charge of acting as reliable intermediaries to relate the achievements and results of university research with the real or potential demand of services (businesses).

In this way, we understand the value of our product (research) and we transmit this value to clients in the right way.

Creating Businesses

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The continually changing environment, both in terms of technology and society, as well as the new economic situation, characterized by sustained growth, has led to the conditions needed for new entrepreneurs to emerge and new business opportunities to arise on a continual basis.

One of the main causes of the heightened mortality of new business initiatives is the new entrepreneur’s inadequate, and at times non-existent, knowledge of key aspects when it comes to management.

Information, training and assessment are, in this way, key tools for any individual promoting a new business initiative.

A key role of the Centre for Entrepreneurial Initiatives and the Development of Self-Employment and Entrepreneurs (CIADE), is to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and the role of the businessman in Spanish society, facilitating and encouraging self-employment and the creation of businesses in the University Community and its area of influence, offering our services to graduates, doctors, businesses and institutions that collaborate with the UAM.

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