Contracting projects

We propel the start-up and completion of new projects amongst the research and teaching staff at UAM, processing the different contracts and agreements that they entrust us.

During this process, and until the agreements and contracts are signed and come into effect, we provide services that include the preparation of legal documents, budgets and appendices to contracts and agreements, procedures to obtain the necessary authorizations from the UAM for its approval and support in negotiating conditions with the collaborating entities.

For the contracting of projects, the following documents must be filled out and handed in:

  • Contract and appendices (Technical proposal and budget)
  • Researcher commitment
  • Authorization of the Head of Department and Sworn Declaration from the researcher.
  • Authorization of the Vice-Rector in office
  • FUAM List of Services.

The contract will be signed with the legal representative of the Foundation or the University, depending on each case.

The mediation of the FUAM is crucial in order to safeguard the rights of the university’s researchers and ensure transparency in the management of Research and Development Projects and contracts with companies.

The services made available to researchers and businesses include:

  • Providing the necessary administrative documents to interested parties for the preparation of proposals.
  • Assistance in the preparation of projects and budgets.
  • Negotiation of Technology Transfer Contracts.
  • Mediation in contracts between researchers from the UAM and other entities for the transfer of technology, aimed at establishing collaboration agreements.
  • Processing of the necessary authorizations from the UAM so that the above are signed by the university.


We also provide specific administrative documents for the preparation of proposals:

Download document samples for project contracting.


We help with the contracting of the following types of programme:

Research and Consultancy

  • Research Projects.
  • Provision of technical assistance and consultancy services.
  • Sales and patent license agreements.

Life-long learning

  • Life-long training adapted to businesses and institutions.
  • Further training for employees currently in work.
  • Further training for the unemployed.

Internships (UAM Students)

  • To carry out internships as part of a research project.
  • To carry out internships in companies.
  • To carry out internships in companies, as part of postgraduate programmes.

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