Research and Transfer

The research activities that take place at the FUAM are mainly centred around the promotion and management of UAM research, channelling the research initiatives of teaching staff, the transfer of technology of research results and sourcing resources for development.

The Office of Research Results Transfer (O.T.R.I. in its Spanish initials) is the institutional channel through which UAM researchers receive support, as do the companies associated with our institution, contributing towards our aim to strengthen the University’s relationships in its surroundings (with businesses and institutions).

Promotion and management of the UAM’s scientific, tecnological and knowledge resources.

Promotion and management of research projects in accordance with article 83 of the Organic Law of Universities.

Promotion and management of Protection of Research Results through UAM Industrial Property rights (patents).

Promotion and Management of Sponsored Courses offered jointly by the UAM and other entities (Cátedras de Patrocinio).

Support towards the creation of Businesses with a Technological basis through the Entrepreneurial Initiatives Centre (CIADE in its Spanish initials).

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