Great Composers and Musicians Series

The Great Composers and Musicians Series is a key cultural event in our university’s calendar.

For over forty years, the UAM has linked itself to music through this series as an example of the education in values that members of the university community share and transfer to the society we live in. The series has been able to continue thanks to continual support from university students and staff.

The first series of musical concerts took place at the Royal Theatre (“Teatro Real”) in Madrid and, for the last twenty-five years, the series has continued under the title “Great Composers and Musicians Series at the National Music Auditorium”.

As part of the event’s programme, each year a series of activities are planned to bring society closer to music. The course “Give your ears credit” (“Dale créditos a tus oídos”), for example, enables participants to come into direct contact with musicians, directors and composers before concerts, at conferences and at round tables.

Programme for the 41th Great Composers and Musicians Series

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